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Jade Clinical Services is a private mental health practice founded by Whitney Coleman to support women of color who have experienced anxiety and trauma in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  We are driven by a commitment to addressing the challenges and experiences faced by women of color, recognizing the importance of culturally responsive care in promoting their well-being.  We aim to create a nurturing and inclusive community where women of color can find solace, connection, and empowerment.  We strive to dismantle the barriers that hinder mental health access and foster a community that values and prioritizes the mental well-being of women of color.  By promoting healing, resilience, and personal growth, we aim to inspire positive change, promote self-empowerment, and contribute to the collective strength and flourishing of women of color in their lives and communities. Our purpose guides us to be advocates, allies, and sources of transformation, ensuring every woman we serve feels seen, heard, and supported on their path to healing and thriving. 

Whitney Coleman

Whitney Coleman, LICSW, LCSW-C, LCSW

is a Clinical Social Worker licensed in Washington DC, Maryland, Texas, and Florida.  She has 15 years of experience helping people with a variety of issues and specializes in life transitions, anxiety, and trauma experienced by adult women.  Whitney works with women to process intruding thoughts, stressors, and trauma, find ways to identify their strengths based on past experiences, and identify the positive in the past, current and what has yet to come.



Lemonade Journal Bundle

Sometimes even the strongest people need some uplifting.  Use these cards to start every morning with a positive mindset and create opportunities for meaningful conversations with friends and family.  Read them slowly. Repeat them out loud.  Then grab a pen and work on creating the lemonade recipe to inspire positivity and productivity and reduce depressive and anxious symptoms in your daily life.

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Payment Policy:

We currently accept Aetna, Optum/United Healthcare, Cigna and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. If you need to cancel, please provide notification in writing 48 hours in advance of your scheduled session; otherwise, you will be charged the late cancellation/no show fee. Further information is outlined in our Practice Policy which you will receive prior to beginning services.

Out of Pocket Therapy Rates:

Initial Diagnostic Intake Session: $200

Individual Session: $140 (up to 55 minutes)

Individual Session: $75 (for every additional 30 minutes after the first 55 minutes)

Late Cancellation/No Show Fee $125

Phone Consultation $25/15 min

Payment can be made by logging in to your online portal at

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Supervision and Consultation Rates:

Individual Supervision $75

Group Supervision: $50/each

Consultation: $75/$60 min

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Clinical Services

For further information about the Florida TLTH LCSW Licensure please visit the embedded website.

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